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The Wind People
Book, Lyrics, & Music by Heather Megill

Eight villagers live in an encampment in the American southwest 100 years in the future during a century long drought. Living in makeshift shanties and off of weekly rations, they believe their work in the nearby factory assists in the war effort. When the electronic speaker in the center of their village malfunctions, a man from outside the encampment enters their world, bringing with him confusion, the truth, and prompting the unraveling of a prophecy that will bring hope and liberation to the oppressed “wind people.”

Themes: Acapella, dystopia, social justice, prophecy, liberation, hope

Show Specifics

Show Style

Contemporary, 75 minute One-Act

Musical Style


Cast Size

 9 (4 M, 3 W, 1NB, 1 Girl)  



Song List

Home (Full Company)

Awake My Heart (Kalla/Poppi/Lynna/Hamm)

Take a Step and Then Again (Hamm/Liko/Ensemble)

Bubbins for Babies (Kalla/Lynna/Poppi)

No Damn War (John/Ensemble)

Free to Grow (Ensemble)

Time for Sleepin' (Lynna/Fort/Kalla/Liko)

They Just Don't Know (Morrow/Ensemble)

Beautiful (John/Lynna/Morrow/Ensemble)

Papa, He was Smilin' (Poppi/Ensemble)

Water (Full Company)

Home Reprise (Full Company)

Performance History

Upcoming: May 2024


Demo Tracks (Full Demo available upon request.)

No Damn War
They Just Don't Know

Available for rental


Piano Rehearsal Score

Full Conductor's Score

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