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Welcome to Sleepy Hollow
Book, Lyrics & Music by Heather Megill
Based on Washington Irving's "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

Ichabod Crane takes on the Headless Horseman in this musical thriller based on the classic story by Washington Irving. This expanded version of the short story includes fleshed out, leading female characters, steampunk vibes, and a contemporary score that bridges the classic 18th century characters with today. 

Themes: Steampunk, spooky, classic tale, family-friendly

Show Specifics

Show Style

Musical Thriller/Musical Comedy

Musical Style


Cast Size

17+ (8 M, 5 W, 1 Boy, 3 Girls)  


Keyboard, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Violin, Cello, Drum Set/Percussion 


"The perfect musical for the Halloween season... a unique and extremely enjoyable revision of this classic tale." TR Robertson, The Vista Press (Read full review here.)

"'Welcome to Sleepy Hollow’ gives the classic horror story a fun steampunk twist... a fun show for all ages." Pam Kragen, San Diego Union Tribune (Read full review here.)

"A night at the theatre that is family-oriented, spooky and steampunk themed, and based on a classic short story? For this teacher/mom/critic, visiting [Sleepy Hollow] with the family seemed just the right way to kick off the month of October." Cassiopeia Guthrie, On the Craft (Read full review here.)

“Heather Megill's marvelous new musical is quite simply the most enjoyable version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow I’ve seen.”

- Rob Hopper, San Diego Playbill (Read full review here.)

Song List

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow (Woman in White/Ensemble)

Mr. Ichabod Crane (Schoolchildren)

Legend (Ichabod)

Marry Me (Katrina)

Round of Drinks (Male Ensemble)

Woman in White (Mr. Van Dyke/Mr. Van Tassel/Male Ensemble)

Faith of Our Fathers (Katrina/Brom/Ensemble)

Revenge (Brom/Monty/Quick)

Waltz (Woman in White)

Ichabod/Act I Finale (Katrina/Ichabod/Brom/W in W/ Ensemble)

Getting Ready (Ichabod/Brom/Katrina/Jonathan/Ensemble)

Almost a Man (Jonathan/Ichabod)

Picture It (Ichabod)

This Could Be Love (Ichabod/Katrina)

The Chase (Woman in White/Ensemble)

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow Reprise (Mrs. Van Dyke/Ensemble)

Performance History

Oceanside Theatre Company, Oceanside CA 2023

Idyllwild Elementary/Middle School, Idyllwild CA, 2017

Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild CA, 2016

Ontario High School, Ontario CA, 2011

Encore Youth Theater, Vista CA, 2008

Megill & Company, Vista CA, 2003

Encore Youth Theater, Vista CA, 2001


Winner of Best New Musical, San Diego Billie Awards, 2001

Photo Credit: Esteban Marin

Demo Tracks (Full Demo available upon request.)

Welcome To Sleepy Hollow
Marry Me
Ichabod/Act I Finale

Available for rental


Piano/Vocal Score

Full Conductor's Score

OrchestrationsKeyboard, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Violin, Cello, Drum Set/Percussion

NEW! Costumes (Please see gallery above)

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