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Ask Dorothy A Paperdoll Musical
Book & Music by Heather Megill
Lyrics by Heather & Beth Megill

Paper doll Dorothy hosts her own radio talk show in Paperville, USA, but lacks the self-confidence to appear in public. She attempts to navigate her love life while balancing her introversion, her relationship with her best friend (a mime), and the demands of a radio station (W-FEM) that fails to support the very women they claim to lift up. 

Themes: Tap-dancing, feminism, self-awareness, paper puns, family-friendly

Show Specifics

Show Style

Musical Comedy

Musical Style


Cast Size

 7 (4 M, 3 W)  


Piano, Flute, Bass, Drum Set/Percussion


"Megill & Company demonstrates their versatility with this quirky, creative, lighthearted musical... a fun and amusing production filled with corny paper puns, mime jokes, a little romance, and good music." Rob Hopper, San Diego Playbill (Read full review here.)

"The clever, perky "Paper Doll Musical" is fresh, fun and family friendly. Almost everything about the show is smartly turned out, with Heather Megill's ear-pleasing score and book, Cynthia Megill's creative two-dimensional costumes (white "paper" tabs fold over the all-black backs of each costume), Renee Kollar's jubilant, tap-heavy choreography and its talented singing-and-dancing cast led by the sisters Megill... The score is studded with musical jewels... The ensemble numbers are upbeat and her ballads and duets are top-notch." Pam Kragen, North County Times (Read full review here.)

Song List

Ask Dorothy (Full Company)

W-FEM Jingle (WFEM Girls)

Work It Out (Dorothy, Ms. Monroe, WFEM Girls, Ensemble)

Girl on the Radio (Dorothy)

Good Company (Dorothy, WFEM Girls)

The Penelope Lawrence Show (WFEM Girls, Ensemble)

The Ask Dorothy Show (WFEM Girls)

First Love (Walter/WFEM Girls)

Ask Dorothy Reprise (Walter)

In the Park (Dorothy)

Blueberry Pie (Dorothy/Walter)

Give the World What They Wanna See (Veronica/WFEM Girls)

Good Company Reprise (Dorothy)

The Shower Song (Dorothy/Walter/WFEM Girls)

Courage (Dorothy/Penelope)

W-FEM: Our Nation's Best Station (WFEM Girls/Ensemble)

First Love Reprise (Walter/Mime)

With You (Dorothy/Mime/WFEM Girls)

Ask Dorothy Reprise (Full Company)

Performance History

Megill & Company, Vista CA 2005

Blueberry Pie

Demo Tracks (Full Demo available upon request.)

The Shower Song
With You

Available for rental


Piano/Vocal Score

Full Conductor's Score

OrchestrationsPiano, Flute, Bass, Percussion

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