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Fate the Musical
Book, Lyrics, & Music by Heather Megill

1918.  Elizabeth travels to France as a Red Cross nurse, where she meets William, an American soldier. Pursued also by the man who followed her to France (James), Elizabeth finds herself in a love triangle that ends in William's death, as well as her own. 1944. James travels to Harrisburg with his new fiance Maggie, whose resemblance to Elizabeth is uncanny. When Maggie runs into David (William) at a club, their fates intersect, throwing James' wedding plans and Maggie's emotions into disarray.  


Themes: Love, Death, Reincarnation, Hope, War, Coming Home

Show Specifics

Show Style

Musical Drama

Musical Style


Cast Size

20+ (11 M, 7 W, 1 Boy, 1 Girl)  


Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Piano, Keyboard, Percussion I, Percussion II


"As a director and a playwright, heather Megill has achieved the amazing and compelling... FATE should become part of the American musical repertoire." Tracy Cummings, North County Times (Read full review here.)

"FATE gives love a chance to flourish in this powerful musical filled with writer and composer Heather Megill's stunning and sublime score and her knack for epic storytelling." Rob Hopper, San Diego Playbill (Read full review here.)

Song List

After the War (James/Elizabeth/Mrs. Porter/Ensemble)

Seeking a Boarder (Mrs. Porter/Mr. Porter)

My Man and My Life (Emily/Elizabeth)

Club on Rue Voltaire (Emily/Elizabeth/James)

Dreams (Elizabeth/William)

Letters (Elizabeth/Mrs. Porter/William/Mr. Porter)

I Remember (Mrs. Porter/Mr. Porter)

Poker Game (Emily/Matt)

James' Song (James)

Proposal (William/Elizabeth/James)

Hymn (Women's Ensemble)

Look at the Stars (William/Matt/Male Ensemble)

William's Death (Elizabeth/Emily/William/Male Ensemble)

I Remember Reprise (Mrs. Porter)

Elizabeth's Death/We'll Live Again (James/Elizabeth/William)

I Will Wait for You/Act I Finale (Full Company)

A New Life (Maggie/James/David/Ensemble)

Coming Home (Mr. Porter/Emily/James)

Poker Game Reprise (Emily/James)

Dresses (Maggie/Mrs. Porter)

Bring My Boy Back (Night Club Singers)

Dreams Reprise (Maggie/David)

Why Can't I Remember (Emily/James)

Confessions (Maggie)

Proposal Reprise (David/Maggie)

Confrontation (James/David/Maggie)

I Remember Reprise/Finale (Full Company)

Performance History

Megill & Company/Oceanside Theater Company (Reading), Oceanside CA 2018

Megill & Company/Carlsbad Community Theater, Carlsbad CA 2004

Moonlight Stage Productions (Reading), Vista CA, 2000

Demo Tracks (Full Demo available here.)

Available for rental


Piano/Vocal Score

Full Conductor's Score

OrchestrationsViolin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Piano, Keyboard, Percussion I, Percussion II

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